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About Brittany

Let me give you some context about who I am so I'm not just another rando' on the internet

At 9 years old I had my first panic attack...

That started me off on a lifelong journey to understand my brain.

It led me to try things like:

✔️ Talk therapy

✔️ CBD oil

✔️ EFT

✔️ Essential oils

✔️ Yoga

✔️ Deep mindset work

✔️ Personal development

✔️ Somatic work

✔️ Reki healings

✔️ Plant medicine

✔️ Manifestation

It also led me to try things like:

✖️ Alcohol

✖️ Emotional eating

✖️ Following the latest/greatest guru

Along the way, I realized that most of the helpful modalities I tried existed in silos. None of my therapists (until my current one) were trained in bodywork. So when I experienced crippling back pain, they didn't know it was repressed emotions.

The personal development and mindset content I consumed didn't take trauma into account. So when I wasn't getting results, I thought I just didn't "believe" enough.

While I'm all about staying in your zone of genius and I'm not suggesting that everyone should be an expert on everything, it left me feeling really alone. I wanted one spot where all forms of mindset and mental wellness were recognized...

I didn't realize it then, but I was creating Sit With Brit purely by documenting my journey.

At the time, I was a top-notch email marketing expert working with very well-known brands (like ClickFunnels and the John Maxwell team). All the while, I was fighting to keep my head above the water.

When it came to producing content, as every small business needs to do, I found myself wanting to talk about the newest technique I was using to manage my mind rather than how to improve open rates.

The more I shared, the more conversations I had with other content creators who were experiencing the same thing. But these conversations weren't happening publically. They were happening sitting on the floor in the hallway after a big event. They were happening at 3 am after a long day of masterminding.

I can't tell you how much less alone I would've felt if I would've known that business owners making 1M+ a year were facing some of the same mind dragons that I was... so I started the Sit With Brit show.

The goal was to have the same conversations I had sitting on the floor at conventions, on a podcast--and the response was bigger than I could've ever imagined. Content Creators everywhere started reaching out to me to share their mental wellness journeys.

We started swapping what was working for us, what didn't work, what we were trying next, and how different popular modalities related to each other (like therapy and yoga). They were the conversations I always dreamed of having.

Now, Sit With Brit is an online community that's full of some of the best people in the world. It's growing every day, and I'm so happy to have you here.

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